Cape Tribulation

When Crystal and I were planning before the start of our 2-month long road trip, we knew that we wanted to go as far north as possible on the east coast (while still driving on sealed roads only). That meant: Cape Tribulation! It’s in the Daintree Rainforest, and approximately 2h45m north of Cairns. We found out it’s where the Daintree Rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef (both of them are World Heritage sites).

Several reasons make going to Cape Tribulation fun:
1. You have to take a ferry to get across (even though you can see the other side) the Daintree River
2. The road on the north side of the Daintree river is a VERY scenic drive (think winding roads and canopies of trees)
3. So many nature walks on the beach or in the rainforest
4. The juxtaposition of a lush rainforest and a soft sandy beach was pretty unique

Check out the Daintree Ferry information page for times/rates before you get there!

Luckily we were here during the winter, so no fear of stingers!I really loved these circle palm (???) leaves! On this walk, we met a nice Australian couple who let us borrow their binoculars to find birds. In hindsight, binoculars would have been an amazing investment for this trip. More evidence of sand bubbler crabs at work!We ended up taping our receipt/ticket to the dashboard for the return journey!Leaving early in the morning meant we were the first car in line for our sailing. SEE? That’s the other side of the river- where the dock is. Making avocado smash on bread became one of our “fancy” lunch options 🙂

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