Cape Hillsborough

After our experience at Horizons Kangaroo Sanctuary, I really wanted to see some kangaroos in the wild. We had heard of people spotting kangaroos on the beach at Cape Hillsborough, so we figured we would give that a try. Except we didn’t do enough digging, and it turns out that you only see kangaroos on the beach at dawn. Soooo, when we arrived midday, there were no kangaroos to be found on the beach. Oh well… Learn from our mistakes! Go early if you want the chance to see beach kangaroos.

It was still a nice beach to visit 🙂 I think this was one of the first beaches where we noticed a lot of sand spheres. If you ever see a beach scattered with tiny sand balls in Australia, it’s probably sand bubbler crabs!

After the beach, we did visit The Old Station Tea House. We saw it when we drove to the beach, and as afternoon tea lovers, Crystal and I had to stop in on the way out of Cape Hillsborough. Their scones were fantastic and I loved the lavender Earl Grey tea so much that I bought a pouch for later! You can check out their hours and whatnot on their Facebook page.

Evidence of sand bubbler crabs! Did I love this yellow building? YES.Why would we share when we could EACH get two scones?? 😉

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