Horizons Kangaroo Sanctuary | Agnes Water

As we drove north toward Cairns, we knew we wanted to stop in Agnes Water / 1770. We were using the CamperMate app to find campsites/caravan parks to stay; we would normally plan a day or two in advance. Planning just entailed hunkering down where we had wifi or data and scrolling around on the CamperMate map to find campsites that are affordable and have good reviews.

We found Horizons Kangaroo Sanctuary through the app: it is a kangaroo sanctuary that also offers camping. Win-win, in my books! We arrived around 3pm and were able to pick a nice unpowered site (with a view) and set up camp before Garry (one of the owners) ran the kangaroo experience at 3:30pm ($10/person). During the kangaroo experience, we fed the kangaroos yams (or is it sweet potatoes?). The adult kangaroos are free to come and go. The joeys are kept on site until they’re big enough to fend for themselves.

Crystal and I enjoyed meeting and feeding all of the kangaroos; it was our first up close encounter with roos. Garry had names for all of them, but I honestly struggled to tell them apart ;D Haha, my excitement rendered me useless at identifying individual kangaroos.

This is me, trying to act super cool. Internally, I was FREAKING OUT at how cute the roos were!!One of the smaller joeys, inside a pouch 😀This was the spot we were able to pick out by showing up a bit earlier in the afternoon (as opposed to 5pm, when others started rolling in). Side note: FAIRY LIGHTS were the best $5 camping investment we made.What did we do in the morning? Hang out with the kangaroos again, obviously…These roos were having a bit of a play/fight.Seeing this photo makes me wonder how comfortable it would be for the joey, when its mom was hopping around…I didn’t even realize that this mama roo had an upside down joey in her pouch, haha! It is kind of disconcerting to see legs sticking out of a pouch… Definitely less cute than a joey face. Crystal, learning how to jump from the pros. See what I mean about the fairy lights? Gentle light (compared to a flashlight), and such ambience!Our original plan was to stay in Agnes Water for a night, and then continue north. But then we found out about the surf school in town and decided to give that a go (post/embarrassing story to come). After the surf lesson, we just enjoyed a relaxing afternoon and ended up staying another night at Horizons.


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