Fraser Island

After we drove north after visiting the Sunshine Coast, we knew we had to visit Fraser Island. It is the largest sand island in the world, and is a World Heritage Site. Because the island is made of sand, only 4x4s can be driven on the island. Neither Crystal nor I had any experience driving a 4WD vehicle, so we decided to leave it to the professionals. We did some research for day trips to Fraser Island (departing from Hervey Bay), and ended up booking with Fraser Explorer Tours.

We got picked up in Hervey Bay and bused to River Heads. A ferry ride took us across to Fraser Island, where we were assigned a 4×4 tour bus and a guide. Our guide was very knowledgeable and he was able to narrate to us as he navigated the extremely lumpy terrain. Haha, I am so glad we didn’t try to drive, since I’m sure I would’ve crashed into a sand ditch.

Our first stop was Lake McKenzie, where we hung out on the white sands and waded in the water. We didn’t go swimming, since it wasn’t quite warm enough for that. I love that someone built a sandman!! Our next stop was Central Station, where we learned a bit about the formation and history of Fraser Island. We also walked along the Wanggoolba Boardwalk and saw some king ferns and trees.Look at the sand! Next, we drove across the island to 75-mile beach. The sand here was a whole lot smoother, so we were able to cruise along faster 🙂 The entire length of the beach is regarded as a highway, so regular driving rules still apply. You can’t see in any of the photos, but we were treated to humpback whale sightings (in the distance) while we drove along the eastern coast of the island. One of the sights along the beach is the Maheno Shipwreck. Apparently we were lucky since we arrived around low-tide and were able to see both the starboard and port sides of the wreck. We also stopped at Eli Creek. I can see how this would be a refreshing swim in the summer 😉 But we just waded about knee deep.There was an optional add-on to take a scenic flight- which we didn’t opt for. Since we were less than two weeks into our trip, we didn’t want to blow through our budget too quickly. I can’t remember the exact price for the flight, but it is one of the more affordable scenic flight/helicopter options around Australia (as we would learn over the next couple of weeks). After another lumpy/exciting ride back to the west side of Fraser Island, we were dropped off at the ferry terminal to take us back across to mainland Australia. I think it would have been nice to stay overnight on Fraser Island, since it would allow you to explore more. We were able to see most of the major sights in a day, but we didn’t see any dingoes. If you have experience driving a 4×4/4WD vehicle, I think it would be pretty amazing to cruise around Fraser Island on your own.

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