Inside my bag: Toiletries (for 2 months)

I always enjoy a good “What’s in my bag” kind of post/video. So I thought it was only fair to show you what I packed (in terms of toiletries) for a two month road trip around Australia.

On a short trip, I bring a small airline-approved size clear bag of travel toiletries. However, because I knew we had the space in the car, I decided to bring along all of the toiletries that I had accumulated in Melbourne over a couple of months. Just know that I’m normally not this excessive…

The first photo depicts all of the toiletries that my travel companion, Crystal, brought. Yep. True minimalist. She did buy contact solution in Australia though.

The next three photos depict the toiletries I brought. I separated them into categories: hair/body/face. Shampoo, conditioner, comb, dry shampoo and some bows/hair elastics.

For body stuff, just a lot of soap (is 4 kinds of Dr. Bronner’s soap too many??), sunscreen, lotions, razor, deodorant, solid perfume, aloe vera gel and insect repellent (HIGHLY necessary in Australia).

Last but not least, face stuff. Honestly, I surprised myself with how much I had in this category. Especially, since we are now almost 7 weeks into our 8 week trip, I have worn make up maybe a handful of times. It’s amazing how lazy I got, without access to a regular mirror. On the plus side, I’ll still have heaps of face toiletries left for my new life after this trip 😉


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