Cabin Zero Classic 44L Review

I should preface this post by saying I love luggage and bags. I’m not the lightest packer (usually because of the camera/tech equipment I bring), but I do try to pack as light as possible in terms of clothing/shoes etc. I am envious of ultra light packers, but I know I would regret not having my DSLR if I chose to leave it at home.

Cabin Zero is a British company that carries ultra light bags that are sized to fit most airlines’ carry-on restrictions. The 44L bag weighs approximately 760 grams, and has compression straps on the sides. There are comfy shoulder straps and also top and side handles for easy carrying. There is also a cool built-in global luggage tracker, built by Okoban.

Cabin Zero sent me a bag to try out and here are my thoughts and opinions. I was able to use the pack for a short sailing trip in the Whitsundays. I received a classic 44L bag in Lipe Blue, but it does come in a multitude of colours. As a colour lover, I enjoy having a bag that isn’t a neutral grey/black. I find that having a brightly coloured bag makes it easier to identify in a pile of black bags.

The bag has one large front pocket and one main compartment. Inside the main compartment, there is an elastic pouch at the back, and two zippered pockets on the front. I think the biggest con about this bag is the lack of small pockets (especially on the outside), but it does make it look more sleek. I always use packing cubes, so it’s an easy fix for the cavernous inside. If you’re someone who likes an organized pack, you’ll definitely want to use small pouches/packing cubes to organize the insides. Having one main compartment (instead of many small pockets) makes it easier for you to personalize the pack to suit your needs.
I packed an Eagle Creek packing cube with all the clothes I needed for 3 days (tops, underwear, PJs). I also brought a tote bag that contained beach items (beach towel and bathing suit). It was suggested that we bring a hoodie for the cooler nights, and sunscreen/insect repellent. The last things I packed were toiletries.
The packing cube, tote bag, toiletries bag and hoodie fit comfortably inside the main compartment. And I used the mesh pocket on the inside for my sunscreen/insect repellent, comb and razor. Everything I packed fit loosely in the bag, and I could have brought more for a longer trip. If I had brought a laptop, I would have put it in the elasticized pocket at the back.
I’m very impressed by how comfortable the shoulder straps are, and how MUCH STUFF this bag holds. I’m looking forward to using this bag more for future travels! You can check out all the other colours they have, and if you want to get one for yourself on their website.



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