Brisbane City Hall

As good ol’ museum nerds, obviously we had to visit Brisbane City Hall- which is home to the Museum of Brisbane. During our five days in Brisbane, we visited City Hall THREE times. There are free City Hall tours and free clock tower tours (spoiler alert: we did both! We actually did the clock tower tour twice). The Museum of Brisbane is also free to visit, and they have some interesting exhibitions.

The clock tower tours run every 15 minutes, and you get to take an old elevator to the top! They time the tours so you’re at the clock level (not the bells level) when the bells chime. Tickets are free, but offered on a first come- first serve basis, so go early and choose a time slot that works best for you.

The free City Hall tour runs for 45 minutes, and you learn about the history and architecture of city hall. We were also able to visit the auditorium (which houses an organ- a tour ALSO available, but rarely offered, so we weren’t able to tour that). We also attended a free concert in that same auditorium on Tuesday morning. There are free concerts every Tuesday!

The Brisbane City Hall has information about all of the above activities on their website. If you are a museum or tour lover, you will definitely enjoy what they have to offer!

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