What I’m going to wear for two months straight

Countdown: 4 days until I start a two-month-long trip around Australia. I’m not going to bring everything with me that I brought to Australia. I’ll be storing some stuff in Melbourne, since I’ll end my trip here again. But the hard part was deciding what to pack… I think I have my clothing pack down, but I still have to decide on shoes, tech and art supplies. ;D Four more days to sort that out!

Our planned route is Brisbane-Cairns-Darwin-Uluru-Adelaide-Melbourne, so we will be hitting a variety of climates.

This will be the longest continuous trip that I’ve been on, so I’m looking forward to seeing what I use/don’t use. I’m really inspired by people who travel with a tiny backpack, but I don’t think I’ll ever be that minimal. What can I say? I really, really love patterns.

What I’m packing (clothing):
– 3 pairs of shorts
– 2 pairs of long pants
– 5 short sleeve shirts
– 2 long sleeve shirts
– 1 dress
– 1 jacket (wind/water resistant)
– warm layers (UNIQLO heattech long sleeve, UNIQLO ultra-light down vest, scarf, mittens, toque)

A photo of most of the clothes I’m bringing. Warm layers and jacket not photographed.

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