Melbourne Free Walking Tour

Walking tours are one of my favourite activities in a new city. It’s a great way to get a feel of the lay of the land and get a sense of the vibe of a city. Melbourne has a free walking tour run by I’m Free Walking Tours that departs twice a day. These tours don’t cost any money up front, but the tour guides appreciate a tip at the end of the tour. (Which is super fair for a 2.5-3 hour tour from a knowledgeable guide). The tours start outside of the State Library of Victoria and meander through various parts of town before ending at Hamer Hall at South Bank. For more information, visit their website: I’m Free Walking Tours.

Outside the State Library of Victoria, where the tour meets. (The inside of the library is also super cool!)

Fun fact: Melbourne has the most number of these Victorian-style houses. Yes, even more than England! Supposedly, during the wars, all of the metal trims on the Victorian homes in England got torn down to be used for war purposes.

Melbourne CBD has heaps of these cool arcades that feel so Parisian!


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